[MPlayer-users] Bug: memory leak in MPlayer

Pierre Lombard p_l at gmx.fr
Mon Sep 29 11:18:59 CEST 2003

* roderick Jansen <roderickjansen at hotmail.com> [2003-09-26 16:26]:
> I have found a memory leak in MPlayer. It occurs if you run:
> mplayer -vo svga  -vf scale=640:480 -playlist playlist
> On a FreeBSD 5.1 machine with svgalib 1.4.2
> If you run it with -vo null, or with -ao null it will also leak
> but if you set BOTH the audio and video output to null, the
> leak will be gone. The leak that I am talking about can be
> detected by watching the size of the mplayer process
> growing each time a new file (playlist entry) is started
> After something like 12 hours of playing short (+/- 10 sec)
> videoclips it has eaten so much memory that the whole aplication
> gets terminated because the system's swapspace is full.

Can you try and report success with the latest cvs.
There should be a memleak fix but maybe you're triggering another...

Best regards,
  Pierre Lombard

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