[MPlayer-users] vo: couldn't open the X11 display ()!

Kalin Mintchev kalin at el.net
Sun Sep 28 21:08:25 CEST 2003

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003, Kalin Mintchev wrote:

> > You most likely haven't set the DISPLAY variable; try
> > export DISPLAY=:0
> > if you're on a local terminal,
> > export DISPLAY=your.host.ip:0
> > if you're on remote (which most likely won't work very well, you
> > propably need to scale down, you might need to use -vo sdl for color
> > conversion). Other methods work better for remote viewing.
it's not the display....

ok. i rebuild the mplayer for 4th time... now - after moving codecs to the
right place and other things like fonts - i see the mplayer window open
BUT it's frozen - i can hear the audio but the image is frozen...

i think i mentioned i'm on freeBSD 5.0 system. i guess i should mention
that all this is happening on a t20 ibm laptop where i can not really start
changing video and audio cards to see which driver works....


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