[MPlayer-users] Re: DPMS is disabled when using TV out (NVidia)

Sebastian Kaps seb-keyword-mplayer.729994 at toyland.sauerland.de
Sun Sep 28 20:39:34 CEST 2003

Hi Adam!

> I'm sure I remember seeing something about this, but I can't remember where 
> (maybe ./configure?)  

I couldn't find anything. When I run configure, it says:
| Checking for DPMS ... yes (using Xdpms 4)
but I haven't found a way to turn it off.

> Well, anyway, you should be able to run "xset dpms force off" on a
> separate console to manually set your monitor to powersave while
> mplayer is running until you can find a proper solution.

No that doesn't work. The monitor does indeed enter powesave mode, but
the tv picture is distorted (looks like a sync loss on both, the tv and
the monitor).

Ciao, Sebastian

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