[MPlayer-users] libvo/geometry.c: function geometry does not do anything useful

Anton Schlechter schlechter at informatik.uni-kl.de
Thu Sep 25 09:51:55 CEST 2003


When mplayer is given a window-id, it does not use the real window size 
even if -zoom is set. In fact, based on the code of version 1.0pre1, the 
function geometry in file libvo/geometry.c does not do anything, the 
string vo_geometry is always empty (NULL), thus returning no useful 
values and the video is played with its original size in no matter what 
window. Resizing the window then causes the video to follow the window size!
This can be fixed by implementing the geometry-function based on the 
windowid (WinID) using XGetGeometry. As this needs the WinId-parameter 
to be added to the implemented geometry-function and as I do not know 
all the side effects of this, I cannot write a real patch. I changed it 
for myself in the file libvo/vo_x11.c, where I replaced the call to the 
original geometry function by some code around XGetGeometry.

After that, the calculation of "aspect" has to be fixed: you should use 
image_width and image_height in order to calculate the needed _image's_. 
I do not believe anyone wants to preserve the aspect of some random 
chosen destination window :-)

Thank you,
-- Tun Schlechter

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