[MPlayer-users] ac3 to 6channel ogg

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at optushome.com.au
Wed Sep 24 16:38:22 CEST 2003

I don't know whether mencoder is capable of encoding it, but oggenc works 
fine.  (And mplayer is about the only thing that plays them back!)

The way I did it was to use a52dec to create a "wav6" file (a six-channel .wav 
file) and then I used oggenc to encode it as raw six-channel data.  This is 
the command I used:

a52dec -o wav6 $AC3FILE | oggenc -r -R48000 -C6 - -o $OGGFILE

You may need a newer version of the a52 library for this to work, running 
"a52dec" gives me version 0.7.5-cvs.

Also, for those that are interested, here is my six-channel speaker-test ogg 
file (477KB.)



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i'm looking for a linux tool that is able to convert 6channel ac3 sound
to 6channel ogg vorbis. Is mplayer or mencoder capable of this?
If so, how?



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