[MPlayer-users] /dev/fb0 no such device

Felix Cuello felix at anubis.qodiga.com
Wed Sep 24 13:09:45 CEST 2003

On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 11:40:47AM +1000, Adam Nielsen wrote:
> When you load the module, does your video card switch into graphics mode?  If 

> it stays in text mode the module isn't working, but if it goes into graphics 
> mode you should be able to run "fbset" to see what graphics mode you're 
> running in.  If you can run fbset, then mplayer should work properly.
fbset say something like 640x480-60, then I suppose that framebuffer are
enabled. In fact, when I play a movie [from console] mplayer works fine.

> Also you do realise that using the framebuffer device only works from a 
> console - you can't use it from within X11.  If you want to watch movies from 
Good point :-) [I experienced crashes using framebuffer from X :-))))].

> within X, you need to use an X11 output device, such as -vo xv or -vo x11 
> instead.

I was compiled mplayer with a lot of parameters, but only this
combination was good for me:

/configure --enable-gui --enable-xv --enable-x11 --enable-tdfxfb

With this configure parameters './configure' fails because I don't have
this libraries:


Then I was installed the missing libraries and compiled again and mplayer 
worked!!!. In fact I can run 'mplayer somefile.avi' from X and the movie 
start, without the '-vo' parameter.

Is xlib-dev mandatory to enable xv and x11 support?

> These distros may have loaded all the framebuffer devices automatically, which 
> meant that whichever one worked for your card would've become active.

Thanks a lot for your help, and thanks everyone. 

Now my mplayer are working fine! 



Félix Cuello
felix at qodiga.com
Como soy filósofo, tengo un problema para cada solución.

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