[MPlayer-users] subcp/iconv problem

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Tue Sep 23 16:31:02 CEST 2003

On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Roberto De Leo wrote:

RDL>I recently found out that to read cyrillic subtitles I have to use the 
RDL>option "-subcp  koi8r" [I tried many combinations but only this one 

I don't know where you got subtitles in koi8-r, but really in Russia
99.9% of russian subtitles are in cp1251, so if one uses KOI8-R as local
charset, he has to set "subcp = cp1251" in config. Or convert every
subtitle that comes to/from him, but why bother?

RDL>seems to work] and it works perfectly fine on my Linux box, but when I 
RDL>try to do this on my MoviX mini-distro MPlayer gives some error messages 
RDL>complaining about not being able to use iconv [it runs but the 
RDL>subtittles are definitely not cyrillic].

Iconv is used if you are using ttf font (with unicode mappings). You can
generate fixed-size binary font for given charset and use it without
using iconv & subcp option. But only for one given charset ;)

RDL>Since MoviX is a very minimal distro my best guess is that this 'iconv' 
RDL>feature can't find some external file it uses to convert the subs, but I 
RDL>could not find anywhere [iconv man page, mplayer man page, mplayer error 

Not sure, but I think that iconv uses libraries in /usr/lib/gconv, they
belong to glibc. Try to copy them from any distribution to movix and see
if that helps. If not, try the same with files in
/usr/share/i18n/charmaps/ (from glibc-common package).

You should keep some of files in gconv (koi8-r, cp1251, maybe unicode
ones) for iconv to work with russian subtitles. Or, you can get
libiconv (freebsd uses this, since there is no built-in iconv in their
libc) and link with it instead of iconv inside glibc.

RDL>messages, subreader.c code] any trace of external files so I really do 
RDL>not know what to do to fix this.

You can find the trace of external files in glibc sources ;) Or just run
'strace mplayer', maybe that will help.



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