[MPlayer-users] Re: status of the rtsp support NOVIRUS

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Tue Sep 23 02:12:10 CEST 2003

>I am trying to use mplayer + live.com to receive some MP2 or MP4 streams
>via rtsp... I tried to connect to the Darwin streaming server for MP4
>and to the live.com vobstreamer for MP2 and I obtained the same result:
>mplayer displays few frames, and then blocks.
>I am still trying to investigate the problem, but it seems that the
>mplayer RTP demuxer starts to discard packets because the difference
>between audio and video timestamps is too big...
>Is this a known issue?

Yes - but it's a *feature*, not a bug.  It's how the RTP demuxer helps 
bring audio and video into sync (complementing the a/v sync mechanism used 
by the general MPlayer code).

>If someone was able to correctly receive an MP2 via rtsp, can he
>describe his setup?

Your 'setup' looks correct, but please make sure that you're using a recent 
version (2003.09.11 or later) of the "LIVE.COM Streaming Media" code, 
especially for building "vobStreamer".  (Earlier versions of the code 
contained a bug that could cause problems streaming MPEG-2 video.)

Also, make sure that your LAN is fast enough for MPEG-2 streaming.  A 10 
Mbps Ethernet may not always be fast enough; I recommend 100 Mbps.

         Ross Finlayson

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