[MPlayer-users] Help: Please recorde tomorrow European Parlament discussion about Software Patents!

Robert Michel news at RobertMichel.de
Mon Sep 22 23:25:21 CEST 2003


I`m sorry that I have only found one guy in Sizila with XP and a DVB-S tool 
that can record only on audio PID and a modem conection ;(
So it is still urgent to find someones support.

If it will be a small success or desaster about software patents on the voting 
on wednesday, the discussion inside of the European Parlament tomorrow will 
be very interesting to make the right next lobbing stepps. I understand that 
request for recordings on your list are not nice - but I know now other help.

You would help all these people who was active agains software patents the 
last month and weeks very much, when you would record this. This material is 
speacial, becaus it is free to use it like we like and translated in 11 

So please help - even when you have no fast internet connection, you are 
welcome to record it, burn it on CD and to send it via smail mail.

Imagine how the softwaredevelopment for vdr would look like when software 
patents would come active.

pease contact me when you can program your PC tommorrow,
thank you,

Am Montag, 22. September 2003 18:50 schrieb Robert Michel:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> Salve!
> Excuse me to ask this two lists again to support us to fight against
> Software Patents. Tomorrow 23.09.2003 will be a discussion inside the
> European Parlament about this dangerous patents, the voting will be on
> Wednesday.
> Nico from mplayer-users was so kind to record the press confrence about
> Software Patens yesterday - he was sucsessfull, someone with a standalone
> receiver not - and we have no this DVB-S dump on the server of ael.be:
> http://media.ael.be/swpat/
> EBS.ts                  22-Sep-2003 07:48  1.6G
> When sombody knows how to make 4 languages versions from it and to convert
> it into a smaler (but leagal) format, you are wellcome to download it,
> convert it and upload it a gain. Also mirroring this directory is welcome.
> About tomorrow, it`s a pitty that I still have only a DVB-S reciever but no
> DVB-S card. So when you have a DVB-S card and you could receive Eutelsat,
> please help us to document the discussion inside the European Parlament:
> here is "something" live tomorrow on EbS:
> 23.09.2003 between 9:00-11:30h:
> Patentability of computer-implemented inventions : Report McCARTHY -
> Information Society (European Parliament ) (EPRef-31105)
> This will be in the languages:
> So we have to find again DVB-S user to recod this ;)
> And between 11:30-12:00h there will be "News EbS 1" with
> Patentability of computer-implemented inventions : Report McCARTHY -
> Information Society (European Parliament, Strasbourg) (EPRef31107)
> This will be 2-3 minutes shots for European TV stations to creat an
> TV-actikel/spot. When people in Strassbourg organize something creative,
> they should take care that an camera-man of EbS will record this and use it
> for this for "News EbS 1"
> So because of DBV-S software could only record 8 langugares at once, I
> would propose to record
> and
> At least 2 persons should help, or better for redudance 4 ore more.
> Especialy when you have a quite fast upload-connection your help is needed.
> (People with slower connections could care for redudance or/and burn it and
> go to an conection (university, company) and ask for uploading it))
> There was also in interesting Broadcast of the European Parlament
> Parlamento, I tried the Greens to request an rebroadcast of this via EbS.
> So please check out the shedual of EbS from time to time to see if
> "Parlamento" will be rebroadcast. The Shedule of EbS:
> http://europa.eu.int/comm/ebs/schedule.cfm
> Receiving informations:
> http://europa.eu.int/comm/ebs/reception_en.html
> The good think is, that the EbS broadcasts are free, when it was not markt
> on the sheduale, that they are not:
> -----
>  Services are free of charge and free of rights for non-commercial
> purposes, ie services should be used for an informative reason, except when
> specifically mentioned. Where possible, we ask you to credit the 'European
> Commission'."
> http://europa.eu.int/comm/ebs/index_en.html
> ------
> I´m on the road and offline till tomorrow night.
> So please coordinate who is recording what without my help. Use your
> mailinglists vdr or mplayer-users
> or just the list for action against Software Patents in BXL:
> bxl at ffii.org
> join this list to be able to post there/read the archive:
> http://lists.ffii.org/mailman/listinfo/bxl/
> For uploading files or seting up mirrors ask the Admin:
> Alexandre.Dulaunoy at ael.be
> A big "Thank you" to Nico for his help!
> Greetings
> rob
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