[MPlayer-users] problem playing a long playlist

Serge Winitzki winitzki at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 22 00:28:45 CEST 2003


I am using mplayer 1.0pre1 and also tried the CVS
version of yesterday. (Running Debian 3.0 stable
version on linux 2.4.21) The problems I am having are

1) when I let mplayer play many files, e.g. .asf
files, from one directory (command line is `mplayer
*.asf`), it starts playing one file after another, but
at some point when about 4-8 files have finished, I
get a coredump:

Opening audio decoder: [dmo] Win32/DMO decoders
======= WAVE Format =======
Format Tag: 353 (0x161)
Channels: 2
Samplerate: 44100
avg byte/sec: 6002
Block align: 1115
bits/sample: 16
cbSize: 10
Unknown extra header dump: [0] [0] [1] [0] [17] [0]
[d8] [22] [0] [0]
======= WAVE Format =======
Format Tag: 1 (0x1)
Channels: 2
Samplerate: 44100
avg byte/sec: 176400
Block align: 4
bits/sample: 16
cbSize: 0
External func OLEAUT32.dll:7
External func OLEAUT32.dll:8

MPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module:
- MPlayer crashed by bad usage of CPU/FPU/RAM.
  Recompile MPlayer with --enable-debug and make a
'gdb' backtrace and
  disassembly. For details, see
- MPlayer crashed. This shouldn't happen.
  It can be a bug in the MPlayer 
.. etc.

I am using a full set of win32 drivers in
/usr/lib/win32.  The crash occurs in text mode and
also in the gui mode when I add several files to a
playlist and make them play one after another. Exactly
the same message is printed.

2. My second problem is that the CVS version does not
want to play some AVI files, complaining about some
ffmpeg drivers not enabled at compilation, even though
the 1.0pre1 version compiled on the same machine with
same options (I always run `make -f debian/rules
binary`) plays those files.

	Serge Winitzki

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