[MPlayer-users] NODAEMON Need video help for fight against software patents

Robert Michel mail at RobertMichel.de
Sun Sep 21 12:49:38 CEST 2003

Salve Nico,

Am Sonntag, 21. September 2003 12:02 schrieb Nico:
> I'm recording it, but since dvbstream has the limitation of 8 pids, so I
> had to remove pids 201 206 207 208 209

Great - Thank you for your help.
Attention, EbS had problems (I just phoned with them) with their automatical 
rebroadcast system so there was no rebroadcast at 12:00 CET. They promised me 
to broadcasted it at 14:00h CET again.

Only 4 Audio-chanels are used

Original 201 
English 202 
French 203 
German 204 

So I fear you can try to record Italian 205  as well but you will not get your 

BTW maybe a reson to fork dvbstream in the future up to 12 PIDs ;)

I know two posibilies to publish your recording at the moment:
contact Alexandre Dulaunoy <alexandre.dulaunoy at ael.be>
to upload it on the ael.be server
contact www.optimalstream.net for an MPEG4IP stream.

Because of the traffic other servers would be welcome, too.
(could the mplayer -mirrors help?)
Mplayerhq would be welcome to link to this video.

Because I will be offline now, please contact after recording
alexandre.dulaunoy at ael.be and Bernhard Kaindl <bernhard.kaindl at gmx.de>


PS: I still need someone who can combine video and audio,
and may cut it a little bit and when he is great he can correct
a missing white balance of my recordings of the conference
"Software Patents - The Choice is yours" Post-Productors see:
So maybe sombody of this list would know help for this as well ;)

PS2: What is the best streaming format for mplayer user?

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