[MPlayer-users] Wonderful Days Subtitle Howto

Stefan Gürtler Stefan.guertler at stud.tum.de
Sat Sep 20 20:26:59 CEST 2003

First of all, sorry for braking the thread, but as  have choosen to get the
MPlayer-users Digest, I cannot awnser to the threat directly.
I managed to display the subtitles of Wonderful Days under linux and the
cygwin port.
I renamed the *.sub and *.idx so that they match the name of the avi
and moved them all into the samt directory.
Then I started the avi.
mplayer Wonderful_Days_\(PosTX_-_NX2GV2EKOVQYTAO3RBKWGZ6RLE3ESNS3\).avi
and pressed "j" some times till OSD tells "Subtitles: (1) en
And there they are.
Even faster is:
Wonderful_Days_\(PosTX_-_NX2GV2EKOVQYTAO3RBKWGZ6RLE3ESNS3\).avi -vobsubid 1
Display of the subtitles starts at once!

Though i did not find "j" in the input.conf i think it triggers
"vobsub_lang". See documentation topic " Commands"

Stefan G.

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