[MPlayer-users] NODAEMON - Mplayer support for MythTV and FFV1REC Nuppelvideo formats

Steven Ellis mail_lists at stevencherie.net
Fri Sep 19 01:01:49 CEST 2003

I noticed some discussions in the past about MPlayer support for the
MythTV versions of nuppelvideo. Did those patches get included?

I've been using the ffv1rec tool that comes with avidemux2 for capture,
and its pretty danm useful. It allows capture in a variety of codecs,
but using an NUV container. Now I can export these to pure AVI files
using avidemux2 it would be really handy to implement support in
MPlayer's nuppelvideo handling so I can easly preview captured video.

Been taking a look at the code myself and I just wanted to check if

a) Anyone else is looking at this (ie Mean from avidemux)
b) Are there any issues around this which is why I can't find the Mythtv


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