[MPlayer-users] About introducing the product "XviD MPEG4 Codec" in the Japanese magazine

SAKIUE Chie sakiue at seacoast.co.jp
Thu Sep 18 14:42:46 CEST 2003

Dear Norbert

Hello, my name is Chie Sakiue and I work for a Japanese company 
called "Seacoast Publishing, Inc." which is making some magazines.
I learned about your product "XviD MPEG4 Codec" and would like to 
introduce it to Japanese through the Japanese Computer Magazine called 
"Cordec Special-Tools".
Would you permit me to edit items about "XviD MPEG4 Codec" for the 
magazine and record the archive accompanying CD-ROM ?
Please answer a letter in mail by the next Monday(July 7).

Sincerely yours, 

Chie Sakiue

3-1-2, Kanda-Nishiki Cho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Japan
Seacoast Publishing, Inc.
Tel: 81+3-5217-2771
e-mail: sakiue at seacoast.co.jp

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