[MPlayer-users] AAC Audio inside mpeg transport stream - failure

tim at pbx.mine.nu tim at pbx.mine.nu
Tue Sep 16 10:46:12 CEST 2003

> I  thought it was ATSC
well, it probably is.
its from satellite.

> are these streams being broadcast by Astra or Hotbird satellites?  If so
> I can take them with my dvb card.
doubtful. this is japan-specific bs-digital broadcasting.

> This is strange and worrying.
> Did you test the same sample with two versions of mplayer and the newer
> version failed
> or did you test two different samples?
I usually keep a couple streams around. I've tested both versions with the
same one. I'll run the test you mentioned this evening when I get home
where I have a older (win32) version, so you can see the results.

(I doubt it's specific to Win32 version though. In this new Sept 14th or
so version both Linux and Win32 versions fail identically. I'm mailing you
the 1.0pre1 failure log after this message (1.0pre1 and Sept14 snapshot
fail same way).

> mplayer -v stream.ts >& log.txt
> and send me log.txt privately (the log is usually quite big).


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