[MPlayer-users] AAC Audio inside mpeg transport stream - failure

tim at pbx.mine.nu tim at pbx.mine.nu
Tue Sep 16 10:24:21 CEST 2003

> support for AAC in TS is still in very early stages; I still need to
> figure out how to determine certain parameters
> (such as bitrate/layer) before the stream can play correctly.

> I took the sample, and I will work on the demuxer one of these days.

> If you have any samples, please send me a link, so I can test the
> demuxer better.
Excellent. Please tell me (off-list) where to dump them, and I can give
you as many test streams as you want. This is the DVB format around here,
and I can easily record them. All the broadcasts use AAC audio, so I am
quite interested in getting it to work. Also I haven't tried with mplayer,
but I can also record radio stations in the same way - getting mpegts with
some xml data and aac audio only. Eventually that would be nice to have
working as well.

Also, it might be of interest that older (say 1+ months) old versions of
mplayer played that transport stream properly (video only, anyhow). I just
downloaded Sept 14th snapshot, and it fails to even play the video. So I
don't know what changed. :(


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