[MPlayer-users] AAC Audio inside mpeg transport stream - failure

tim at pbx.mine.nu tim at pbx.mine.nu
Mon Sep 15 23:48:38 CEST 2003

I have a sample mpeg transport stream at http://pbx.mine.nu/dvhs/sample.ts

It contains mpeg2 video and 144kbps AAC audio
it can be splitted by any tool that splits transport streams.
The resulting mpeg video can be played by mplayer
the resulting aac audio can be decoded by (say faad2)

Mplayer does not play audio inside that stream
It seems like perhaps somehow mplayer things that "if this is a ts file,
audio will be mp2". Or something. In the debug output, it says it tries to
open libmp3dec, and fails.

Any idea how to get it working with this particular ts file?
The broadcasts here all use this format, so i am quite interested in
getting this to work.


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