[MPlayer-users] Radeon 7500AIW S-Vid out video scale issue

David Vernon mplayer at ladadee.com
Sun Sep 14 19:35:57 CEST 2003

I am trying to get mplayer to display mpeg files with my AIW cards s-vid
out. I am doing this all in console mode from a ssh session. 

The following command technically works but the display is small and in
the center of the tv screen (with a large border around it):

mplayer -vo vesa -ao alsa9 -ac hwac3,a52, /the/path/to/the/movie.mpeg

I have tried putting a -fs option in but the mpeg is 16/9 and it cuts
the edges off. In other words it scales to the height and not the width.

I have also tried -geometry and -zoom options without success. I am a
bit on the new side when it comes to mplayer. I have tried to RTFM but
have found little on fine tuning the display with the vesa driver.

Any help getting the display scaled to the width of the display and not
the height would be appreciated.


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