[MPlayer-users] -rootwin and kde 3.1

Otto Brandstätter otto at liwest.at
Fri Sep 12 12:59:43 CEST 2003

Hi list !

I have been using mplayer since about 2 years or so and it is really cool !
Now I have seen a m$ prog which can actually show a movie as 
desktop-background. As far as I found, mplayer can do this too with the 
-rootwin option.
OK, I tried it and it did not really work. Under KDE 3.1 (rh9) i get a window 
for the video output. I also tried "program" as screensaver and I tried to 
disable icons on the desktop. Nothing worked. I am using MPlayer 0.90 rc5 and 
I can view all kinds of media I want, only not as desktop-background. Anyone 
has this running with KDE 3.1 ? How ? 

Any hints would be greatly appretiated !

Thanks in advance !


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