[MPlayer-users] Audio driver problems in 1.0pre1

Carl Michal michal at physics.ubc.ca
Wed Sep 10 18:45:50 CEST 2003

>> Often if I use mplayer to play audio only files, it isn't able to
>> initialize my audio drivers, it complains:
>> Can't open audio device /dev/dsp: Resource temporarily unavailable.
>> With 0.90 and 0.91, I've always been able to workaround this by using
>> mplayer to play a movie with audio and video (audio seems to always
>> work
>> with a movie), and then play audio only with no problem.  This always
>> worked.
>> With 1.0pre1, I see the problem much more frequently, and now playing
>> a movie never helps,

> Try -ao sdl

sdl doesn't produce any sound when I'm in this state either.  -ao sdl
makes the video go really really slowly.  esd doesn't help either.

Is there any significant change in the oss start-up between 0.91 and


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