[MPlayer-users] Re: mencoder crash

mslama at email.cz mslama at email.cz
Tue Sep 9 12:28:38 CEST 2003

> > It seems in the middle vo config request is invoked. Is it known problem?
> > Shall I investigate it further? How?

> The crash happened right at the end of a movie or show, though not at 
> the end of the VOB, right? Did you concatenate a bunch of titles? I've 
> observed that the last chapter of a DVD title is usually empty. Maybe 
> it's just an end marker. I've also observed the crash you had, usually 
> right at the end of the movie. Coincidence? I don't think so.

No It is still beginning of video. I tried mplayer and it has no problem
around this moment. No suspect output on console from mplayer. It is one
scene. So no end of chapter.

Yes. This vob is composed of more vobs concatenated to one using cat. (I had
problems with using cat *.vob | mencoder -. It crashed with one title
so I concatenate vobs to one so far without any problems.)

I did not tried something else yet. Like -ovc copy -oac copy to see what happens.

> I usually specify -endpos with a time just slightly short of the actual 
> movie time. Alternatively, it might work to avoid copying the last empty 
> chapter of the title. Since your crash didn't happen at the end of your 
> VOB, you may have to encode each title or chapter composing that VOB 
> separately.

> I did encode one normal length movie that had such a discontinuity right 
> in the middle. It actually changed aspect ratio from one scene to the 
> next. I can only assume it was a mistake that was ignored by most DVD 
> players. When playing the movie from the DVD, MPlayer got confused at 
> that point and had no video from then on. Xine changed the aspect ratio 
> of its window, but never changed back, so everything looked stretched 
> from then on. When encoding it, I had to use GOPchop to get two separate 
> VOBs and encode them separately.

As I said above I checked with mplayer and this moment is in the middle of one
scene. I will try to cut this somehow using mencoder -ss -endpos or eventualy


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