[MPlayer-users] Mpeg2 Encoder again

Joshua Rothenberg adonna at myrealbox.com
Mon Sep 8 23:11:52 CEST 2003

Ah, sorry, I replied to this thread instead of my own by accident before...

On Sat, 6 Sep 2003 23:52:53 +0200
weigelt at metux.de wrote:

> I'd like to transform a AVI to (S)VCD. All I found out is to dump
> out the video (-yuv2mpeg), but I also need the audio - both packed
> in the PES stream.
> How to do it ?

You should really probably just use the "mencvcd" script in the TOOLS directory.  If you really want to do it yourself:

I assume you're referring to -vo yuv4mpeg ?  If this is the case, there
will be these steps:
1) mplayer -vo yuv4mpeg file.avi
2) mplayer -dumpaudio -dumpfile file..pcm file.avi
3) use mpeg2enc to encode the stream.yuv (I don't know the details)
4) if the audio wasn't in 44100, use sox to change the sampling rate
5) use toolame to encode the pcm audio to mp2
6) use mplex to merge the mp2 audio and the output from mpeg2enc

Joshua Rothenberg
adonna at myrealbox.com

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