[MPlayer-users] libfaad2 does not compile

HR haavroed at online.no
Mon Sep 8 14:33:27 CEST 2003

> Including upgrading to gcc-3.3.x ?
> I use gcc-3.3.2 and can compile the CVS for an Athlon XP 
> without problems.

Silly me. I pulled down some 3.3.1 rpm's and libfaad2 compiled just
fine. I didn't find the rpm's simply using "redhat" as arch, so I
assumed there wasn't any. Using redhat's "rawhide" as arch worked out a
little better... :/

Maybe a test for compiler version for faad could be built into the
configure script as a test? If the case is that this version of mplayer
requires 3.3.x for faad I mean? Since there's already a test refusing to
use gcc-2.9*... maybe some extended refusing could be added? Then
ignorant people like me wouldn't bother the list with these problems.

One of these days, I'm gonna do -something- right. Just you wait!

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