[MPlayer-users] mpeg2video for DVD authoring?

Joshua Rothenberg adonna at myrealbox.com
Mon Sep 8 02:00:56 CEST 2003

Okay, I haven't gotten around to testing a new stream yet, but I managed to find out the real DVD keyframe requirements.  First I was searching using the word keyframe, which didn't work.. then I searched using i-frame, which didn't work. Finally I realized that what I wanted was to search for "GOP length". It's not that DVDs require a certain rate of i-frames, oh no, its just that there's one I frame per GOP, and there IS a maximum GOP length. grr... Anyway, it turns out this length is 18 for MPEG1 NTSC, 15 for MPEG1 PAL, 36 for MPEG2 NTSC, and 30 for MPEG2 PAL.  If I'm lucky, mplex creates the GOP's accordingly.

If I should successfully create a dvd and be struck with the desire to create a patch for the documentation, where would a proper place to put this information be?

Joshua Rothenberg
adonna at myrealbox.com

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