[MPlayer-users] Re: PLEASE READ

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Fri Sep 5 18:08:55 CEST 2003

Erik Slagter wrote:
> Then, for all us non-native-english speakers, what _does_ this word
> actually mean, besides the perfectly clear description in the
> dictionary? Or is it something naughty? Maybe "American-English" has an
> extra meaning for it?

The dictionary is fine. The word has no extra American meaning I'm aware 
of. You're still missing the point. Asad quoted from "The Princess 
Bride." Later in the thread, Matthew made another reference to the 
movie, so I replied in kind. If you've seen it, you'll realize my quote 
was entirely appropriate. If you haven't seen it, you won't understand 
the quote.

In case it sounded like it, I never questioned the verbal prowess of 
non-native speakers. In fact, I respect non-native speakers, since they 
typically have a better general linguistic grasp on things than those of 
us stuck speaking our mother tongue. For instance, many Dutch people 
seem to be tri- or multilingual, presumably because the population of 
native Dutch speakers is so small. I grew up in a Dutch speaking 
country, and now I regret not learning much of it. I know Spanish, but 
I'm only fluent in my native tongue.

Jonathan Rogers

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