[MPlayer-users] best graphical card for mplayer

rcooley rcooley at spamcop.net
Thu Sep 4 10:33:44 CEST 2003

Sergei Klink wrote:
> Actually, I've just bought a Radeon 9000/64M with tv-out, and it seems that 
> the new drivers for X 4.3.0 _do_ support TV-out(although I haven't really 
> tried it yet, only with vesa) - fglrxconfig presents some tv-out options, 
> unlike the older versions. 

I STRONGLY suggest you actually try it before you start spreading 
(likely incorrect) rumors.

> As for nvidia cards, I can only say that I had 
> _really_ bad experience with every card that I happened to use(don't look at 
> the price too much :), especially on SMP systems - plus the nvidia drivers 
> are extremely buggy(although I can't say much yet about the ATI ones). 
I don't know what your complaints are about the price.  I can say that 
I've used multiple NVidia cards (and multiple ATI cards) and have never 
had a major problem with NVidia's drivers, but I've had a hell of a time 
trying to get ATI cards to work.  Just forget about TV-out all together, 
as well as TV-in, and any feature other than plain VGA, and that usually 
only works after you've put a lot of effort into downloading and 
compiling the drivers, working out conflicts and bugs, etc.  Besides, 
you still have to choose between Gatos and DRI, deciding which features 
you are more willing to get rid of, because neither has all the features 
of the other.

> do you _really_ need agp8x? Personally, I was very suprised to see ~100fps in 
> UT at 1024x768 with my card(agp4x)...but I'd have probably still bought 
> 8500/9100 if it would have been in the store near me :)

Almost nobody really needs top-of-the-line hardware, but if it isn't too 
much more expensive, it's a good idea to get it, since your system will 
stay useful for a much longer time.

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