[MPlayer-users] DVD Bouncing

Karl Ewald karl.ewald at ixos.de
Thu Sep 4 03:18:19 CEST 2003

Depending on what you mean by "bouncing vertical" you may be experiencing
interlacing. DVD recordings follow one of the major TV standards, NTSC or
PAL, both of which send alternating half-pictures that are displayed with
the lines offset against each other, to form a fully illuminated picture on
the screen. On a computer monitor you can see a comb effect in horizontal
motion (i.e. vertical edges moving sideways) and you may see a vertical
jitter, or bouncing, on stationary horizontal edges if they are very sharp. 
Try -vop pp=0x20000 or -xf pp=md depending on the version of your mplayer
(the -vop for release, the -vf for CVS as far as I am aware).
See the manpage for the right options and further information on what you
can do.

Note that I had to do a lot of guessing because you do not reveal the
details of your setup, therefore my comments may not be relevant. (i.e.,
which mplayer version, displaying on computer monitor or tv screen, which
video output driver, what's your command line, often the OS is also a useful
Please be more specific in the future.

Hope this helps,


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I recently installed mplayer and the DVD playback is bouncing vertical.
I hope that made sense. Has anyone experienced this and if so how was it

thanks in advance


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