[MPlayer-users] svcd creation with mencoder + other tools

Balatoni Denes pnis at coder.hu
Wed Sep 3 23:22:43 CEST 2003


Just in case anybody was trying without success, here is one way to make
svcd with mencoder + mplex (from mjpegtools) + vcdimager (+ cdrdao to write it 
to cd), script attached.

Problem number 1 was lavc ratecontrol, this is somewhat cured by
If you are lucky this will produce an almost CBR VBR mpeg2 video stream (at 
about 2000-2200 Kbps), that mplex will not complain about.

You need to comment out the line containing "fwrite(&in_size,1,4,f)" in 
mplayer.c otherwise -dumpvideo won't produce a valid elementary stream for 
mplex - this is from Nico's patch sent to mplayer-dev-eng on 7/14 .

And than a-v sync will probably be gone, so you need to convert (expand or - 
in my case - shrink) the pcm audio data a bit - that's what sox is for.

toolame is used to produce mp2 (mono in this script, might not be supported by 
some players?)

And in the end I can record svcd in realtime with this script, any my dvd 
player can play it back.

If you have better ideas regarding ratecontrol or anything I would be glad to 
hear them. btw this might work for vcd (ratecontrol numbers and resolution 
halved) - or not as keeping the bitrate at exactly 11xx kbps must be harder 
than keeping it around 2000 kbps and under ~2600 kbps.

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