[MPlayer-users] Trouble Compiling Mplayer

Matthew W. Miller mwmiller at columbus.rr.com
Wed Sep 3 21:58:39 CEST 2003

On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 09:02:40AM +0200, mslama at email.cz wrote:
>See around you are not only one. Unfortunately gcc 3.2 does not compile 
>recent mplayer source. According to people gcc 3.2.2 and 3.3.1 has no
>problem. I would suggest to add some check to configure to reject gcc

While we're at it, I noticed (before I upgraded) that GCC 3.3, while
compiling programs without crashing, tended to cause hard-to-predict
segmentation faults when using heavy optimisation.  I don't know any
examples of such problems with MPlayer in particular, though; once I
figured out the cause, I checked for updates immediately!  And so far,
3.3.1 seems to be pretty reliable-- cross fingers.
Matthew W. Miller <mwmiller at columbus.rr.com>

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