[MPlayer-users] tv as input using buz

Davros tashuu at newsguy.com
Mon Sep 1 18:06:06 CEST 2003

Has anyone else tried to use mplayer to watch incoming video with a
Buz?  using a vcr as a tuner, I'd like to use mplayer to watch tv on my

When I try, for example: mplayer -tv on:norm=ntsc -vo xv

I get an error that tells me that no tuner was found.  The buz doesn't
have a tuner.  I tried channel=0 and various other "channels".  xawtv
works fine, and I noticed that it put something on stout like,
"tuners=0".  I tried adding this to the -tv options - same error.

Tv-out works, but ironically, tv-in doesn't ;)  I'm using the latest
zoran driver, .94 I think, and of course I recompiled mplayer and it
detected the buz, v4l, etc., and lists it as an input/output option.

Any suggestions?  One reason I'd like to use mplayer is because I've
seen mplayer's xv scaling, and it works great!  xawtv can't seem to
scale the feed to full screen, and it's approximation produces choppy
video - this doesn't seem like hardware accel to me.


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