[MPlayer-users] Re: (unknown)

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Sat May 31 00:55:50 CEST 2003

Karvaly Zsófia wrote:
> Dear friend;
>    Sorry if a disturb you.
>    Well, I´m an absolut begginer in internet, but, please, read my 
> question and you´ll see.
>     My wife is hungarian, and I´m spanish. She is very happy seeing all 
> kind of movies, in spanish, well, I have downloaded a lot with eMule, 
> but you know, if I pretend to download some film in hungarian in 
> completely impossible, in eMule, the only thing that appears wiht 
> "hungarian" or "magyar" is something about porn.
>    Well, In Spain, I suppose, as in another countries, there are a lot 
> of web that you can get any movies. Well, I have found magyar movies but 
> I have to pay.
>     Could you tell me where can I find o download movies in hungarian 
> language?. Please, Thank you very much for you help.

This is not the list you're looking for. Move along.

Jonathan Rogers

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