[MPlayer-users] Misinterpretation about -ss and -endpos used together

Tomas tbadan at ig.com.br
Fri May 30 16:02:00 CEST 2003


	I think there is a misinterpretation by myself on the use of -ss and -endpos 
switches when used together.

	I've expected when I issue a command like that

	mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy -ss 10:00 -endpos 20:00 -o output.avi input.avi

I would get a movie that is 10:00 minutes long. But it isn't what I've got, 
indeed the movie is 20:00 minutes long. It seems that the "-endpos" switch 
add this amount of time to "-ss" switch when processing it.

	Is this feature corrected? If so, maybe it would be nice to express it on 

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