[MPlayer-users] i want to build a universal rgb-output for all of us ; )

nico berndt nico.berndt at gmx.de
Thu May 29 23:18:48 CEST 2003

ok, this is not /really/ mplayer-related but also not really unrelated..

i want to build a direct tv-norm compatible rgb-output using the framebuffer
and, if possible, also vesa. i know this page for x:
http://www.sput.signature.nl/hardware/tv-x.html so it obviously is possible
and i am sure the framebuffer-device is able to feed a tv as well.

i have a tv with vga input and newly bought a dvd-player with rgb-output.
the quality of the vga input is unbelievably good but i figured, using rgb
from the dvd-player really comes very very close to it. extremely bright and
the resolution achived is way above s-video for example.

the mentioned guide describes a method using a soldering-iron but afaik
ati-cards have the actually needed pinout ready waiting for activation.

i tried it on my own but failed. my knowledge of modelines is just not
enough to calculate my own and i am not good with math either.

if someone here could me help building this thing i would write a howto in
german and english wich would mabybe a nice feature for the mplayer-site..

ok, so i'll wait and hope to hear from anybody...

my regards,

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