[MPlayer-users] neomagic xv driver broken

Davros tashuu at newsguy.com
Mon May 26 03:31:11 CEST 2003

Hi All,

The neomagic xv driver provided to enable xv support seems to have great
potential - it plays back video smoothly.

xvinfo reports all manner of stuff...

The only problem is, it crops the stream.  It's not a screen size issue
- when I try:  

mplayer -vo xv -vcd 1

It starts the video about halfway down the screen, so first I thought
that it was placing the video lower on the screen, and I merely couldn't
see the whole thing...but, if I use screenw and screenh, it allows me to
scroll around in a virtual desktop, which shows me that the entire "box"
of video is indeed cropped.

For example, a svcd playing in 640x480, on a 1024x768 virtual screen,
has cropped video.  I don't know if xv is only taking 3/4 of the video
and stretching it to fill the 640x480 area or what - actually, i do
know, by forcing it to 800x600, I see the same amount of the video, just
in a larger box!  Actually, just did further test - even within an X
window the video is cropped, though what does show plays SMOOTHLY!!

Interestingly, GNUboy, of all programs, can use hardware scaling.  My
Gameboy games no longer work - they are cropped if I enable the scale
option which uses hardware scaling and presumably is running into the
same issue that mplayer has!

I did add the 'overlaymem' option - before I did this, the video would
play the first second and then exit.  I have a Toshiba Tecra 8000 with a
Neomagic graphics chipset, using a recent version of mplayer.

Does anyone have any experience with hardware assist/mplayer on a Tecra
8000?  Incidental, VESA doesn't work either...I haven't tried video
out.  This thing has a C-cube ZIVA hardware mpeg chip in it - does the
dxr2 use this?  Some sites seem to think it does - has anyone compiled
dxr2 support on an 8000, and gotten it to work?

Mplayer rocks - with DGA, it's fast enough to play anything besides
DVDs, which are quite jumpy (even with -sws 4 and all other conceivable

Any help with this would be appreciated.  This laptop has some decent
hardware in it, for the time, t'would be nice to take advantage of it in


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