[MPlayer-users] MPlayer 0.90 + alsa + multichannel output

Mateusz Papiernik mati at maticomp.net
Sun May 25 11:52:16 CEST 2003


I'm using mplayer to watch my films, because it's the best player ever
created for linux systems ;-) But it's not the point. I've got Live! 5.1
with 5.1 sound system connected to it. I'm using ALSA 0.93 because
of many problems with 5.1 using OSS drivers from opensource.creative.com.
My 5.1 system works fine with XINE and AC3 films (for example
DivX's and DVD's), I've got all six channels working and no problems
witch center/lfe. But XINE is too bloated for me, it's slow and heavy,
and I'd like to use mplayer. But:

mplayer -ao alsa9:surround51 -channels 6 dvd://

works "fine" (so it's plays all six channels), but there is one problem.
is not in center speaker :-DDDD It's flyes around all speakers while seeking
film, and I'm not able to enjoy 5.1 experience in films watched in mplayer,
because it's very strange to hear center in rear left, next in center, next
left front ...

I think it's bug in mplayer, because in XINE it works ok - and XINE uses
ffmpeg and liba52 and alsa too, so don't think so that's bug in these.

I know that's known problem, I found something about it on mplayer lists,
but the last answer was "we don't know is it bug in mplayer or in alsa, or
in liba52" - but now I really think that it's bug in mplayer.

What can I do? or maybe I should ask: will it be fixed?

Thanks a lot!

p.s. sorry for my poor english ;-)

Best regards!

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