[MPlayer-users] subtitle reader only read sami - <SYNC Start>

Park Ji-In mithrandir at electrang.net
Sun May 25 05:51:57 CEST 2003


when mplayer read sami tag like,

<SYNC START=234432> some subtile       #  (all capialized)

it ignore that, becuase it's not 'Start', but 'START'

in subreader.c,

subtitle *sub_read_line_sami(FILE *fd, subtitle *current) {
s = strstr (s, "Start="); 

so, mplayer only recognize Start ..

but, sami-format, it doesnt matter tag is capitalized or not. And i
wanna see any type of sami-subtitle, weather it is have <SYNC START> or
<SYNC Start>. 

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