[MPlayer-users] Configure Script

Steve-Kai Vyska steve at vyska.de
Sat May 24 13:10:12 CEST 2003


I fond a bug in your Configure script.  starting ./configure --enable-gui, 
configure told me, that png was not installed, also it was. The error was not 
png but zlib which was not installed. So I thing, that configure didn't check 
for zlib bevor using it,

C ya


ps sorry for my englich I'm from germany :)

--------------------------------------- snip 
>============ Checking for PNG support ============
> #include <png.h>
> #include <string.h>
> int main(void) {
>   printf("png.h : %s\n", PNG_LIBPNG_VER_STRING);
>   printf("libpng: %s\n", png_libpng_ver);
>   return (strcmp(PNG_LIBPNG_VER_STRING, png_libpng_ver));
> }
> gcc    /tmp/mplayer-conf-2739-18100.c -o /tmp/mplayer-conf-14317-18100.o 
> -lpng -lz -lm
> In file included from /tmp/mplayer-conf-2739-18100.c:1:
> /usr/include/png.h:324:18: zlib.h: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

--------------------------------------- snap 

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