[MPlayer-users] tv:// audio problem - works in mencoder, breaks in mplayer

Carsten Schultz carsten at gnocchi.dialup.fu-berlin.de
Wed May 21 23:45:04 CEST 2003

Hi Bernhard!

On Wed, May 21, 2003 at 08:32:23PM +0200, Bernhard Rosenkraenzer wrote:
> immediatemode as described in the manpage doesn't exist as an option in 
> current CVS unless you're using BSD, however, the video4linux driver 
> checks the variable set by the immediatemode flag as well; I think this 
> was overlooked, patch to restore immediatemode on Linux is attached.
> Now mplayer tries to get sound, but hangs before playing anything 
> (I guess something is using a device in blocking mode when the device 
> doesn't send any data yet).

It's probably this (I'm using a patched MPlayer myself):

The code blocks, if MPlayer tries to grab an audio frame before the
first video frame.  To remedy this, I use

static double grab_audio_frame(priv_t *priv, char *buffer, int len)
    mp_msg(MSGT_TV, MSGL_DBG2, "grab_audio_frame(priv=%p, buffer=%p, len=%d)\n",
	priv, buffer, len);

    /* If video grabber hasn't been started, do so, because it will start the
       audio grabber. */
    if (priv->first) {
	pthread_create(&priv->video_grabber_thread, NULL, video_grabber, priv);
	priv->first = 0;
	usleep(2000000); /* HACK */

I do not understand, why the usleep is necessary, but it seems to be.

I think it would be great if you would solve this cleanly, because
using immediatemode gives you better a/v-sync.



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