[MPlayer-users] Distorted ima adpcm sound

Benjamin Larsson banan at student.luth.se
Wed May 21 01:04:57 CEST 2003

mplayer -ac imaadpcm -afm imaadpcm IMAG0006.AVI
native ima adpcm decoder

Sound is distorted and this is what mplayer defaults to.
Might be caused by buggy adpcm encoder in DV3000 or buggy decoder in 

mplayer -ac imaadpcmacm -afm acm IMAG0006.AVI
win32 acm decoder

Sounds ok, non default.

Example clip can be found on

Recorded with Mustek DV3000.

Mplayer version used dev-CVS-030513.

Played ok with vlc v 0.5.2.

/Benjamin Larsson

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