[MPlayer-users] Long delays before showing films from dvbstream in CVS

Jim Hawkins mplayer at jawkins.com
Sat May 17 20:38:41 CEST 2003

On Sat, 17 May 2003, Nico wrote:

> Jim Hawkins wrote:
> >I find mplayer's demuxer less resilient to errors than dvbstream and the
> >audio dies too easily.
> what do you mean with "less resilient to errors and audio dies too
> easily" ?

Just to clarify, I'm talking about piping a TS into mplayer using
dvbstream, rather than using the dvbin stuff, although I think dvbin did
similar things last time I tried it.

The problem is, if too many errors occur in the stream using demux_ts it
will say "Too many video packets in the buffer..." and the audio will stop
but the video continues. Then it eventually gives "Too many audio packets
in the buffer..." errors and mplayer exits. Using dvbstream to remux the
TS into a PS and piping into mplayer, when you get lots of errors the
video suddenly goes to a really low frame rate, but if you pause and
unpause it will fix itself. Neither case is ideal, but when I'm in bed
watching TV it's a lot easier to hit space a couple of times than faff
about trying to reload mplayer :)

> If you can give me a sample (ore more) to show what goes wrong I will
> try to fix my code.

It's quite easy to replicate by unplugging the aerial and plugging it back
in whilst watching TV. I can probably make a sample to upload if you want.


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