[MPlayer-users] BUG: "mplayer -identify" now plays

gabucino at mplayerhq.hu gabucino at mplayerhq.hu
Thu May 15 10:44:30 CEST 2003

Olivier Blin wrote:
> > Consider a web interface to remotely start mplayer on a headless box
> > connected to tvout... It might be nice for the web interface to parse
> > and show you info about the file you're playing.
I see.. But:

> Perhaps we need an additional command line option, say -identifystream.
> -identify will be used as before in scripts, and this new one could be used for streams.
> I shouldn't be much work to paste the old code and the rename the new one :)
Instead of commiting stupid hacks (and having 2 options, 1 of them is useful
only for 1% of users), in these specific conditions it's simpler to just
comment out exiting in the source and recompile. Nay?

MPlayer Core Team
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