[MPlayer-users] Question about -vo gl and nVidia

Axel Liljencrantz f97-ali at nada.kth.se
Wed May 14 18:00:15 CEST 2003

> With what card/driver(opensource or one from www.nvidia.com)?

Closed source binary, latest version. I need TV-out. I want 3d
acceleration... Please don't hate me.

> Are you using -vo gl or -vo gl2 ?
> gl2 should be faster.
> Also you could try using -vo gl:<num> , where num is number of
> to be transferred at once. num <= 0 means full image. Default is 4.

Tried them both. gl2 seems slightly faster, but only by a few
percent. gl:1 is really slow, but turning it up beyond 4 seems to
have very little effect on performance.

Played around a little bit, and whith all parameters optimally
tweaked xv uses ~25% CPU, gl2 ~65% and gl ~70%. I've got cycles to
burn, but the problem is that sometimes the usage for both gl-mode
peek and mplayer is forced to skip frames. Which really shows.

BTW, why is it impossible (or at least hard) to do update on vsync
with the xv hardware? Isn't there a XSync command in X that can be
used? And if it's not good enough somehow, doesn't graphics hardware
generate interrupts on VSync which could be caught and used?

thank you for your time

/Axel Liljencrantz

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