[MPlayer-users] turning off gui

Chris Phillips acid_kewpie at thirtythreeandathird.net
Mon May 12 13:43:04 CEST 2003

the more popular mplayer gets the more it will be wrapped and such. for 
situations like these would it be possible to add the ability to dump back 
out the read in configuration? -dumpconf or something, would make checking 
for things like this much easier, as in order to work around this i'm 
going to need to parse the mplayer output for hints that it is trying to 
use a gui, e.g. grepping for "SKIN"


> > > it was kept for debugging, as gdb follows symlinks so you cannot debug the
> > > gui with 'gdb gmplayer'
> > And hard- instead of sym- linking ?
> Agree, this is a stupid reason for keeping it. We could use hard
> links, or someone wishing to run in the debugger could just make a
> copy of the binary named gmplayer...
> > > but it is not for end-users, for sure.
> > ROFLASTC :-) That happens when users RTFM... They learn what they
> > souldn't :-)
> At least gui=yes should not be in the fine manual...
> Rich
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