[MPlayer-users] S3 TwisterK - and Mplayer

Chris Hodgetts chris at archnetnz.com
Sun May 11 23:50:32 CEST 2003

Hello - 

I have a laptop of the following specs

1.1ghz (Mobile Duron AMD)
256meg Ram
14" TFT Screen
S3 TwisterK card -   XFree86's savage driver is the only one that works
Kernel 2.4.20
Debian Unstable
KDE 3.1

Hope that is all the specs you require before I ask my question...

I would consider this machine to be powerful enough to play any divx
file, however Mplayer keeps telling me my machine is too slow to
playback the file.
Kaboddle and xine (yugh) seems to have no issues - however I want to use

I have made all the changes Mplayer tells me to make,  Cache 8024 , Auto
sync of 30 blah blah  - 
These - tested 3 of them - movies are playing directly from the HDD -
not a smb mount or CDROM and I still have issues or syncing problems of
various speeds , when I fast forward or bring up the gui it starts to
slow down, and I get the machine too slow error - as soon as I pause it
and restart it seems to come right again for a while.

Not 100% sure what I am doing wrong to have these issues - I have tried
to change the Video Codec's to no avail.. I have tried to change the -vo
X11 is the only one that gives me full screen..  Could anyone please
advise on anything that may help?

Thanks in advance..

Chris Hodgetts
There are 10 types of people in the world, 
those who understand binary, and those that do not.

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