[MPlayer-users] Yet another problem with sound when encoding through v4l

Jerome Laheurte jerome at fraca7.homeunix.net
Sat May 10 12:20:27 CEST 2003

Hello everyone. I've been searching on the Web and this mailing list's
archives for four hours now, and I still can't get the sound when
encoding through v4l (composite). I can hear the sound, it comes from
Line-1, it's in "record" mode according to gmix. I tried

mencoder -tv on:driver=v4l:input=1:width=384:height=288 -of mpeg -ovc
lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg1video -oac mp3lame

and also with adevice=/dev/dsp, and adevice=alsa (alsa9, configured,
works fine). Still nothing.

I won't post the entire verbose output since it's big, but some lines
make me wonder:


Audio capture - buffer 256 blocks of 16382 bytes, skew average from 16
==> Found audio stream: 0
  TV audio: 1 channels, 16 bits, 44100 Hz
Picture values:
 Depth: 12, Palette: yuv420p (Format: Planar YV12)
 Brightness: 32768, Hue: 32768, Colour: 32512, Contrast: 27648
Audio capture - buffer 256 blocks of 16382 bytes, skew average from 16
Using a ring buffer for maximum 794 frames, 125 MB total size.
Enabling tv audio. Requested setup is:
id=0 vol=60000 bass=0 treble=0 balance=0 mode=stereo chan=1
[V] filefmt:9  fourcc:0x32315659  size:384x288  fps:25.00


"Enabling tv audio" ?? Does it try to get the sound from the TV card ?
If so, no wonder it doesn't work. I didn't find how to prevent this.

The card says:


Selected device: BT878(Pinnacle PCTV Studio/Ra)
 Capabilites: capture tuner overlay clipping frameram scales
 Device type: 235
 Supported sizes: 48x32 => 924x576
 Inputs: 3
  0: Television: tuner audio tv camera  (tuner:1, norm:pal)
  1: Composite1: audio camera  (tuner:0, norm:pal)
  2: S-Video: audio camera  (tuner:0, norm:pal)


It's strange that the composite channel has an "audio" capacity...

Does anybody can help ?

Jérôme Laheurte <fraca7 at free.fr>
When a fellow says, "It ain't the money but the principle of the
thing," it's the money.
                -- Kim Hubbard

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