[MPlayer-users] DVD subtitle resize when encoding (was 'Fonts ')

Luis.F.Correia Luis.F.Correia at seg-social.pt
Thu May 8 23:03:13 CEST 2003


thanks for the -subaa option :) the DVD subtitles look a _LOT_ better now.

It was my mistake after all.
What I do now is '-slang pt -vop scale=640:256,crop=720:384 -subaa 20
-subpos 1'.

Perfect original DVD subtitles!

Thanks again, Rich!

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On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 11:01:22AM +0100, Luis.F.Correia wrote:
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> >Yeah. I wrote the -spuaa code, and noticed this too a long time ago.
> >Not sure what causes it, though, since it was something of a quick
> >hack on my part, and I'm not really familiar with the OSD code...
> >
> >Rich
> BTW, as i'm currently struggling with it, is there any way to resize the
> DVD subtitles when encoding? 
> The subtitles on this DVD I have are HUGE!!!
> And I wan't to make the avi with embedded subtitles (no flames please)

Not directly. But...

If you rip them as vobsubs, the .idx file stores the original size of
the movie. If you double the "original size" here, I think mplayer
will scale them down to half size when playing. However, the
positioning also might get screwed up, in which case you'll have to
use the -spualign and -subpos options to have mplayer choose its own
positions for subs.

Good luck.


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