[MPlayer-users] win32 codecs question

Roberto De Leo deleo at unica.it
Thu May 8 21:15:37 CEST 2003

Hi all,
I have two questions about MPlayer's Win32 codecs:

1. if I try to play more than one QT file with mplayer, for example if 
they are in a playlist or if I am using a gmplayer session, mplayer 
crashes always as soon as it starts playing the second one. Is this a 
known bug? Is there any solution different from restarting mplayer every 
time? BTW, I tried both the qt5 and qt6 tarballs.

2. I noticed that all wmv/asf files I have make use of only two codecs, 
namely divxa32.acm and wmv8ds32.ax. Is this correct or there are 
differentky encoded wmv/asf videos that makes use of the other (many) 
codecs in the win32 package?

  Roberto De Leo

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