[MPlayer-users] Support of ogmtools inside mencoder?[was: Ther is a way to encode directly in ogm format]

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Thu May 8 05:38:24 CEST 2003

D Richard Felker III wrote:
> You don't have to do audio on the last 2. Just use -oac pcm on the
> first video pass, since you'll be throwing it away anyway. If you're
> low on disk space and don't want to use -o /dev/null, you can use
> -srate 8000 -channels 1 to make the pcm audio super small (and
> horrible sounding). And, if you're going to ogmmerge it with vorbis
> audio later anyway, you can do -oac pcm on BOTH video passes.

Why not use "-oac copy" instead of "-oac pcm"? That has seemed to work 
for me. It seems to me "-oac copy" could be used for frameno as well. 
After reading all these comments, I'm more confused than ever about 
frameno. What does frameno.avi actually do? I can't find a satisfactory 
description anywhere, including manpage and main documentation.

I've had success using "-oac copy" for both passes of video encoding and 
skipping frameno altogether. Does it really do any good? If mencoder 
isn't complaining about duplicating or dropping frames, can the sync be 
assumed to be good?

Jonathan Rogers

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