[MPlayer-users] Conflict between -vf and -vop suboption parsing

ephemeron at softhome.net ephemeron at softhome.net
Tue May 6 06:09:19 CEST 2003

Which is obsoleted, -vf or -vop?  Both options work with my cvs
version of MPlayer. However, -vop ${SCALE},${CROP} works like -vf
${CROP},${SCALE}.  For example, -vop ${CROP},${SCALE} will bail
out if the "cropped area is out of original".  To produce a
similar "crash" with -vf I have to reverse the suboptions to -vf
${SCALE},${CROP}.  Shouldn't the two options produce the same
results?  Shouldn't mplayer at least parse their suboptions in
the same order?  Better yet, why not do away with the other
option?  It's confusing!

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