[MPlayer-users] ugly speed

Alejandro Néstor Vargas anv at xnetcuyo.com.ar
Mon May 5 18:26:10 CEST 2003

I've using mplayer on a notebook for some time. Now I swithed to another 
linux disto (Mandrake 9.1) and at the same time switched to mplayer 0.90. 
It turned totally un-usable.

-vo sdl : shows a broken green screen
-vo xv : shows a clean green screen
-vo dga : error
-vo x11 : works, but without zoom. When I try full screen it gets very very 
very slow.

I've tried audio oss and alsa9. Both with the same speed problem. I've 
removed the alsa modules from kernel and inserted the oss ones, with the 
same result. Any ideas?

Alejandro Néstor Vargas
Departamento de Desarrollo
X Net Cuyo S.A.
anv at xnetcuyo.com.ar
jabber: anv at xnetcuyo.com.ar

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